December 10, 2010

2010 Resolution vs 2011 Resolution

Let c if my 2010 target had been achieved or not....

- get new job (done) 2011: REPEAT
- save 20% of my salary in ASB (only 10%) 2011: REPEAT
- teach my kids to save their daily balance (failed)2011: NEW PLAN
- save in advance duit Raya for Parents (failed) 2011: NEW PLAN
- hear Amar read succesfully without help for all series of Peter & Jane and Bacalah Anakku (partially)2011: NEW PLAN)
- get into our new apartment this year, Home Sweet Home (failed) 2011: ???

Year 2011? I'm not ready =(

today aku cuti MC. takde mood nak keje. aku bosan aku benci aku menyampah. so aku dok melangut sambil on9 dr pg tadi. Tp ape pon aku tak apa yg aku buat smpai laa saat nie.

hmm aku rasa mcm nak hentikan masa. 2011 dah nak tiba nd i'm not ready not ready not ready.

please stop the time for a while dont go nea 2011 until i'm ready please please please >.< i must do sumthing hmmmm