March 28, 2010

My New Hair

Haha.... gaji already in. So i opt to get first thing in mind done. Go foe hair cut and straightening. Waking up early at 6 in the morning for my new job, leave me no time to struggle with hair styling. I think short and straight hair will save me time! :)
This pic was take while i drop by at my ex-workplace to c my friend there.

I Am Getting Overweight !!!

yeah, i did eat a lot lately. mybe that's the reason. i am now 54.6kg and my body fat is abou 36%. OMG, how could i still not taking any action about this. it's not that i don't want to slim down. always in my mind, i'm thinking of "u have to loose your wieghtnow", but for me take take the action on the problem is sooo hard.

b4 i i c food, i had plan just to eat some, but then when food had been in front of me.... the "it's okay only this time, so sayang if i don't eat this today" came into mind. it's not a phrase trigger from mind but lust.

just so frustrated when i c my tummy becaome bigger and bigger and u csan really c it if i'm wearing a knitted shirt! every body had sound me about this. hey! u look like have putting a weight or some of them just directly said, loose your weight. u look fat now.

uwaaa, i should be doing something. please, i must loose weight!!!

March 22, 2010

Not Too Late For 2010 Wish

I wish to
  • get new job (got 2 offers, but i choose the one with establish and stable)
  • save 20% of my salary in ASB (currently only able to save 10% in form of force saving -loan ASB- and other 10% is so hard for me not to spend it. up to March 2010, i still cannot make it 20%)
  • teach my kids to save their daily balance
  • save in advance duit Raya for Parents (until March not even done yet)
  • hear Amar read succesfully without help for all series of Peter & Jane and Bacalah Anakku (currently Bacalah Anakku Book 4; Peter & Jane Book 1a)
  • get into our new apartment this year, Home Sweet Home

A Chance To Change

Ha so long not updated this poyo start blog of mine. Told ya that i couldn't make it when it is updating a blog! But as time goes on, everything can change. Who knows i might be addicted to blog after this??

Ok, there are lots to tell actually. As i mention before, i'm wanna change my working place as i've been soooo unmotivated being in last company. (Sorry friends i really feel like that when i was in J-U. i always want it to b different there, but seem we are not sharing the same mission over there, so i have to let go.)

for information, i would like to thank God as i was accpeted for the job interview i mention b4. have been demam for 1 week is the result of 1st interview. 1 week later i was called for 2nd interview. went there with flu and headache, the 2nd interview actually is actually a one whole day of assesment and it last with quick interview of each candidate. out of 36 that day, 13 people were selected.

now, i already in the new compant for almost 3 weeks only for training and we ar not yet 2 start our job until 3 more weeks. and 2morrow is our 1st month salary. yippie, so happy. new friends here also nice and what important is there all are passionate people and tak serious of their job.

the new join company also undergoing a process of changing. i thought i'm the only want who need a change. hmm, seem the company also face the same problem: attitude. i understand attitude of the worker really play an important factor on a company success. how other people perception 2wards the company. and the job is tougher than b4. however, i hold to what the hr manager said to existing staff who join us in the training: to start a change u cannot be in the same workplace anymore and it's easier for u to perform the change task when u are working with people dont know compare changing peple u already know.

that is why when my boss calling back and counter offer me, i dont want. bcoz it's not easy 4 me to change the people in J-U, as i ve been pampering them too much. what i said they will slash. even i cant say anything when they punchcard themselve even thogh they actually going back right after that. or leaving me to work alone in the office, plan the work all by myself, done it all by myself and they go 2 holiday every saturday or monday. even let them take lunch for 3 hour. and it actually a contagious bad working attitude as i start to feel its unfair but i cant say a word. to kjaga hati this people i call friend. i dont want the disease to fully spread over me and make me bad!

so, i hope this new play will be a new start for me as we have a same missio which is to change. i change they change and it's for good...