December 16, 2014

Info Nutrisi: Munchy's Cream Crackers

Munchy's Cream Cracker:

Satu pek di atas mengandungi: 12 bungkus = jumlah hidangan di dalam satu pek (serving per package)
1 bungkus = 4 keping = 1 saiz hidangan (serving size)

Maklumat pemakanan Munchy's Cream Cracker :

Didalam sebungkus (4 keping biskut) mengandungi:
Kalori = 120 kcal
Karbohidrat = 17g
Lemak = 5g (2g adalah lemak tepu)
Dietary fiber = 1g
Protein = 2g
Sodium = 130mg

Senarai ramuan Munchy's Cream Crackers:

December 15, 2014

Fat2Fit: Senaman Dance Aerobic

ok dok mencari workout lain today. so terjumpa dengan video dance aerobic by mmg menarik dan sangat happy laa kalo dapat folo all the step. video senaman yg hepiii jer. tp i ni lemah dlm step yg fast. tpaksa slow motion kan sket before can master...

website diorang:
antara video dance aerobic diorang yg best:
problem - ariana grande
roar - katy perry

December 10, 2014

Suplemen kalsium menyebabkan masalah jantung?

Ermm...ermmm.... As a person who was not really fond taking any pills/capsules (either medicines or supplements), i prefer to get everything from real foods. I just love eating foods especially delicious one! And those conflicts between different researchers do not bother me at all (hehehe...). But still, there are some of the information worth taking into consideration to help with other people :)

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