March 22, 2010

Not Too Late For 2010 Wish

I wish to
  • get new job (got 2 offers, but i choose the one with establish and stable)
  • save 20% of my salary in ASB (currently only able to save 10% in form of force saving -loan ASB- and other 10% is so hard for me not to spend it. up to March 2010, i still cannot make it 20%)
  • teach my kids to save their daily balance
  • save in advance duit Raya for Parents (until March not even done yet)
  • hear Amar read succesfully without help for all series of Peter & Jane and Bacalah Anakku (currently Bacalah Anakku Book 4; Peter & Jane Book 1a)
  • get into our new apartment this year, Home Sweet Home

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