March 28, 2010

I Am Getting Overweight !!!

yeah, i did eat a lot lately. mybe that's the reason. i am now 54.6kg and my body fat is abou 36%. OMG, how could i still not taking any action about this. it's not that i don't want to slim down. always in my mind, i'm thinking of "u have to loose your wieghtnow", but for me take take the action on the problem is sooo hard.

b4 i i c food, i had plan just to eat some, but then when food had been in front of me.... the "it's okay only this time, so sayang if i don't eat this today" came into mind. it's not a phrase trigger from mind but lust.

just so frustrated when i c my tummy becaome bigger and bigger and u csan really c it if i'm wearing a knitted shirt! every body had sound me about this. hey! u look like have putting a weight or some of them just directly said, loose your weight. u look fat now.

uwaaa, i should be doing something. please, i must loose weight!!!

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