April 11, 2010

What Is Behind A Name and Birthdate?

Normally i just had people measure my personality by the birth date only. And i got number 8. One remark i remember for this number is that "orang nie you all boleh letak dia jadi perisai. badai ribut datang pun takkan lari". Ye ke Cik Lan? I am actually not really brave as the personality describe. I just buat buat berani je. i even had try the personality test in the website which need me to answer question base on the situation that similiar to myself. I got ENFP.

When, Ong describe my personality type, i just surprise as it is almost true. "She do not talk a lot. People seem to see her do much talking. But, actually she ob serve more than talk." Yes, i think that's really true. And he even said that
"when she talks she like to choose her words. She's very careful to talking job" Hmmm, i hope so people will think like that when i talk. I really not a laser type. And I even not humouros type. SOme said i 'lambat pickup in lawak stuff'.

Then I'd got mail from Raj the best trainer. Hihi, he put it in an envelope. This time my personality was measured base on NAME and BIRTHDATE. Well in Raj Numeroogy Scoresheet, my COLOR interpretation was BLACK/VIOLET. The POSITIVE indicator are: ANALYTICAL, DIGNIFIED, INTELLECTUAL, INQUISITIVE, STRONG, SOLITUDE. Meanwhile, the NEGATIVE indicator are: RESERVED,INDAPTABLE, OVER POSITIVE, POSSESIVE. My CHARACTERISTIC was JUPITER: u will lead a life with strong principles like Trust, Honesty and Justice, Difficult to cheated and at the same time don't like to cheat others. need to enhance skills further. Try not to be complacent. And my SICKNESS PRONE is DEHYDRATION.

I take it as motivation to improve self. Most of it, seem to really reflecting me. Well, try to make better for the bad. An make the best out of the best.

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